The Toddler Program includes children ranging in age from 15-18 months to 2 - 2.5 years. Since toddlers are learning at a rapid pace, our toddler teachers keep their day moving by planning fun and exciting hands-on activities in all developmental areas:

      * Music
      * Stories
      * Art
      * Sensory Tables
      * Dramatic Play
      * Manipulative
      * Motor Skills

As children grow they will discover the skills of communication as their language skills start to form. Toddlers also learn the skills required to interact with their peers and how to appropriately express their feelings and emotions. They learn skills like pushing, pulling, stacking, sorting by color and size.

Daily communication between parents and caregivers is strongly encouraged. An individual daily report is sent home detailing each toddler’s day, including feeding, changing, naps and supply needs. We encourage parents to call anytime with questions and concerns.

On a monthly basis, we do an evaluation based of age appropriate benchmarks in order to assess each child’s progress and development.

Toddlers at Kidz Creative Corner

Here's our  Toddler Room Schedule

Toddler_Schedule (pdf)