Preschoolers (typically 2.5 to 3.5 year olds) enjoy a day full of activities. Each day is thoroughly planned and our theme-based curriculum introduces them to a wide variety of hands on activities which includes:

      * Alphabet
      * Numbers
      * Colors
      * Shapes
      * Hands-On Science
      * Summer Themes: Camping, The Ocean, Happy Birthday America

We focus on encouraging language development skills. During circle times, the children sing about the days of the week and the months of the year. They review colors, shapes, letters and numbers daily, along with learning to recognize their written name and other common words.

Our Preschoolers explore art, music, sensory activities and exercise their motor skills in a variety of developmentally appropriate small and large group activities. The children enjoy making their own color, number and shape books.

They also enjoy working on their pre-reading and pre-writing skills along with name recognition, counting, cutting with scissors and reviewing shapes and colors. In addition, there are daily art projects, music and stories.

Social Studies are very important at this age. We use an interactive program covering all ten strands including Culture, Time, People, Places and Environment, Power and Authority, Change, Geography and more.

During holiday weeks they work with fun themes such as Thanksgiving Fun and The Many Holidays of December. Field trips are their favorite during the warmer months

Each child is taught at his or her own developmental level and they receive individual teacher attention which is very beneficial to them. On a biannual basis, we do an evaluation based of age appropriate benchmarks in order to assess each child’s progress and development.

Daily communication between parents and caregivers is strongly encouraged.

Preschool at Kidz Creative Corner

Here's our Preschool Room Schedule

Preschool_Schedule (pdf)